Wuliangye goes through time changes; and via the industrious wisdom and pioneering spirit of Wuliangyeers, it makes out a grand development history of an enterprise by using ¡°a century pursuit and advancement¡±.
Wuliangye shows its sense of social responsibility from its appointment in Seoul to Western China International Fair.
Being a beginning for another century, its sense of social responsibility must be further deepened and promoted accompanying the development of the enterprise.

        Wuliangye liquor brewed with 5 grains is appraised as a magic liquor of China. As a typical representative of fragrant Da Qu Jiu liquor, Wuliangye is the aggregate of the quintessence of the heaven, the earth and the human. By adopting traditional techniques, and brewing with 5 well selected grains including broomcorn, glutinous rice, rice, wheat and corn, Wuliangye liquor is uniquely characterized by "lasting flavors, mellow sapor, luscious tastes, harmonious and just-right flavors", which makes Wuliangye supereminent among the liquor products of today.
        Wuliangye liquor has won the gold prize of ¡°National Famous Liquor¡± for many consecutive times. In 1991, Wuliangye liquor was awarded one of the "Top 10 Well-known Trademarks" of China. In 1995, 80 years after Wuliangye won the Panama Prize for the first time, Wuliangye liquor was once again awarded the only gold prize for liquor products at Panama International Exposition. Up to present, Wuliangye liquor has won 39 international gold prizes.


 "The Capital of Liquor", Yibin, known as Rongzhou in ancient times, is called
  the first city on the famous Yangtze River.

It commands the river downstream, where the Jinsha River, Min River and Yangtze River meet. With beautiful mountains, limpid water, long history, excellent position, rich cultures, all through the ages, it is a place attracting many nationalities to inhabit, and has always enjoyed a good reputation of "Half of South-west China".
        Opening the history book of the development of Wuliangye resembles watching epitomized development of the human society. Developing from "betel nut liquor" in the Qin and Han Dynasties, "Za Liquor" in the Northern & Southern Dynasties, "Chongbi Liquor" in the Tang Dynasty, "Lichee Green" in the Song Dynasty, "Coarse Cereals Liquor" in the Ming Dynasty...Wuliangye, concentrates the 3000-year history into a small cup of liquor, which produces lingering tastes and guide people to ponder. "Raising my cup, I invite the bright moon","kill Hua Xiong before the liquor turns cool (in a few minutes)","pink hands so fine, gold branded liquor, the city's spring color embodied by willows on the wall...", goblets flashing displayed profound culture, and sounds of toasting reflected profound history.
  Wuliangye,as the history shows,comes all the way.